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And just like that... it's Back-to-School time!

And just like that... it's Back-to-School time!

The morning air is crisp, you’ve pulled the lightweight blanket out of storage, and if you look closely the leaves are just starting to turn. With these first signs of Fall comes the reminder that we should all start adding a little oomph to our wellness routines.

1. Getting enough rest

2. Maintaining a healthy diet

3. Engaging in stress-reducing activities like meditation and exercise

4. Making time for self-care and self-expression

Students: Whether you’re heading back to college dorm life or to your high-school locker, the academic year can come with plen-ty of stress. Between classes, field-hockey practice, and theater rehearsal it can be challenging to eat a balanced diet (yes, your veggie pizza is kind of on the right track…). Starting your day with the energizing boost of raw, organic ingredients is a great way to get you going on the right foot! Zoning out during that COMM 101 lecture? Your boredom is history after an invigorating shot of Fire Cider!

Teachers: The scheduling. The planning. The back-to-school sneezes and sniffles of even your most diligent students. Go ahead and toss a shot of Fire Cider into your morning smoothie, or keep a bottle in your desk for a quick swig when you need that extra afternoon pick-me-up. Think of it as extra-credit for your well-being!

Parents: You probably already know what we’re going to say. The kids are back at school, and in addition to those glowing grades, little Mason and Olivia are once again sharing their classroom cooties with you, too. Now more than ever you’ll want to kick into Repel Mode with added TONIC BOOM! Feeling that 4pm slump? Skip that 4th cup of coffee that’ll keep you up all night, and power through the day with a shot of Fire Cider instead!

Fire Cider, Back-to-school, Apple cider vinegar tonic, ACV

Fire Cider, Back-to-school. apple cider vinegar tonic, ACV

Fire Cider, back-to-school, apple cider vinegar tonic, acv

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