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2020 Resolution Check-In

2020 Resolution Check-In

Remember those resolutions we talked about back at the beginning of January? Yeah, we had forgotten a little bit, too. C'est la vie! But we're here to remind you (and ourselves...) that we made those resolutions for a good reason, and we shouldn't let them fall by the wayside!

January 1st always feels like a fresh start, but what if we adjusted our perspective and viewed every sunrise as a fresh start? Wipe the slate clean from the day before, and give today your best effort.

Just like most people, we talked about eating healthier as one of our main resolutions. Have you made an effort to do that, or is it still something you want to work towards? Fueling our bodies with the proper nutrients helps us take control of our day, and of how we feel overall.

This goes side-by-side with our idea of being more active, because fueling your body correctly gives you what you need to stay active and feel confident doing that. If your body doesn't have what it needs, it won't be able to move the way you might want to.

We were also focused on mindfulness and being present and in-the-moment more in 2020. We'll be the first one to admit, this one has been hard. With our non-stop lifestyles and the expectation from those around us to always be connected and available, it's hard to put the phone down and take time for yourself. But the days that we have managed to work that in, we've noticed an increase in productivity and a better feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day, not to mention reduced stress. Being constantly connected on social media can be a big source of stress, and it can take your focus away from the things that need to get done!

As we go forward with the rest of 2020, we are planning to find better ways to keep ourselves accountable for these resolutions. Whether it's having a friend join in on the efforts, keeping a journal, or just seeing each new day as a fresh start, you can make your goals happen!

As we said back in January, it's important to remember that any step in the right direction is progress, and you should always give yourself a little grace. Be forgiving of yourself, and don't expect perfection.

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