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Award Season!

Award Season!

We're so happy to share the latest exciting news here at Fire Cider HQ! We've won a 2019 Good Food Award!

Back in January, food crafters, grocers, chefs, journalists and activists from around the country gathered for the official Awards Ceremony in San Francisco. The Good Food Awards celebrate American food and drink crafters creating products that better our nation’s food system.

At the ceremony, Director Sarah Weiner spoke about why each of these winning companies are so important:
“Through your very existence – by growing and thriving and continuing on through seasons of boom and bust – you show everyone that America’s appetite for truly good food is here to stay. At a time when the message of ‘us versus them’ grows louder, you quietly yet firmly send a different message about how this country works and what we value. Everyday – through the choice to protect our land and waters, to pay fairly and transparently, to build community wellness alongside your businesses – you say ‘all of us or none of us.”

Congratulations to the other winners in the Elixir category and the over 200 other Good Food award winners from this year!

Fun facts about the awards:

1. There are sixteen categories

2. Winners come from 34 states and Washington, D.C.

3. More winners come from California than anywhere else

4. Other notable states include: Oregon (25), Washington (19), Massachusetts (12) and a three-way tie between Virginia, New York and Colorado (11 each). Following closely were Vermont and Missouri (10 each)

5. There were 2,035 entries

6. There were 262 judges

7. 55% are first-time winners (including us!) 

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