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Your healthy salad just got better - when you use Fire Cider instead of plain vinegar.

Back-to-School Care Packages

The last days of summer always seem to fly even faster once you realize the first days of school are just around the corner. You might be stocking up on pencils and notebooks for your grade-schoolers or helping to pack boxes for your grad student but whatever age they happen to be, periodic or even one-time care packages can make a world of difference in their lives.

Here are 3 simple ways to put together a care package for a student of any age.

1. Big box of Wow

For a package that needs to be shipped, you'll want to consider starting with a container. Choose a basket, high sided tray, or another useful container that you can see your recipient using even after all the goodies are gone. This will provide extra stability and protection during shipping. Then pack it to the gills with their favorite treats, coupons to local shops or restaurants, snacks, some canned or dried soups,  juice, Fire Cider, elderberry syrup, and tissues for those days when they're under the weather. Add in some fun things too, like new stationery, pens or pencils, stickers, fairy lights, or a pair of cozy socks. And don't forget the card! A quick little missive to say hello is always the cherry on top.

  • If you're in a rut and don't know what to send, we found some great theme inspiration here.
  • Keep in mind to check on what can or can't be shipped by your carrier of choice, don't try to ship anything super perishable, and be extra careful if shipping overseas.

2. An unexpected meal

A care package can be as simple as a well-packed lunch - and this works as well for your toddler as it does for a spouse or roommate! Start with the main part of the meal; a deli-style stacked turkey club or some leftover chana saag and jasmine rice and fill out with a few fruits or veggies on the side. Include something with some crunch (think pretzels, crackers, nuts or veggie crisps). And don't forget the note! A simple post-it or a message written on their paper bag will brighten their day.

3. The hand-off

The simplest way to deliver a care package is in person and it doesn't have to be big or elaborate. 

  • Pick up their favorite gourmet chocolate bar 
  • Bring some local popcorn to pop for their next streaming binge session
  • Deliver a little something from home, a local brand that they can't get anywhere else (pro-tip this will do wonders for grandparents that have retired to another state, too.)

A well packed lunch can show how much you care - add a Fire Cider Super Shot and make it extra special

A Fire Cider Super Shot is a great way to add flavor and a digestive boost to your next lunch.

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