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Berkshire Brands Features - Hosta Hill

Berkshire Brands Features - Hosta Hill

Here at Shire City Herbals, we've always been all about small & local businesses, because that's what we are. Getting a humble business start at a local holiday crafter show has shown us that the power of a supportive community means everything, and there's nothing we can't do if we lift each other up.

Through this pandemic, lots of challenges have been presented, and the financial struggle that both households and businesses have been facing is one that will long be remembered. We have decided to look inward at our community once again and find ways that we can help others in a time of need. This has led us to the idea of Berkshire Brands Features, where we'll be featuring other local, small businesses and bringing in a small, limited offering of their products to our customers.

This week, we're keeping it close to home with Hosta Hill, a company that we are fortunate to share our space with. If you missed our brand feature on them a couple years back, you can check out more about their story and see why they were the perfect first feature for us.

Through this weekend, we'll be offering their Sauerkraut, Gochu Curry Kraut, and Kimchi on our website, so grab some while it's available and give it a try! 

If you know of any local Berkshire businesses that you'd love to see us partner with and feature, let us know in the comments below!


Hosta Hill fermented products

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