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Capped, Sealed, Delivered... I'm Yours!

Capped, Sealed, Delivered... I'm Yours!

Did you know that each and every bottle of Fire Cider is small-batched by our team right here in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts? It's true! We bottle and ship our handcrafted, certified organic tonics as each run is steeped, pressed and ready. And because the finishing touches were recently completed on our new production kitchen (more on that, here), we got straight to work bottling our latest batch of Honey-Free. With cold-and-flu season just around the corner, and our busy season kicking into high gear, there's no time to waste!

Our bottling line is like a synchronized ballet as each amber glass bottle of Fire Cider is carefully filled, capped, sealed, and labeled. There’s a soothing repetition to each movement, and watching our production team in action is truly mesmerizing!

When it's time to seal the deal, we use a pneumatic capping machine and always give each cap an extra twist to make sure it's on good and tight. A gentle brûlée of the shrink band ensures the precious cargo remains contained within these beautiful amber rounds.

All dressed and ready to go, fresh bottles of Fire Cider Honey-Free are packed up and off to our warehouse where they go on to retailers and fans across the US. Who knows, maybe these bottles are headed your way? Cheers!

Bottling, Production, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, In the Berkshires, Fire Cider, ACV

Bottling, Production, Small Batch, In the Berkshires, Fire Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, ACV

Bottling, Production, In the Berkshires, Small Batch, Fire Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, ACV

Now that is some Bolshoi-level precision right there. Nice work, team!

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