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Celebrating Mother's Day - self care tips for Mom and you!

Celebrating Mother's Day - self care tips for Mom and you!

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself, and those around you, is to step back and make sure you are actually caring for yourself. We know that's not always the easiest thing to do in our busy, modern lives so we asked our staff for their favorite self care tips for themselves and their Moms.

Caitlin - Always have a really high-quality lip balm (especially ones based in coconut oil), in as many locations as you can–purse, car, bedroom, bathroom, desk at work. Apply liberally! Surround yourself with plants indoors for better air quality and a greener perspective on life! Eat lots of fermented foods, cuz gut health matters. Read books and drink tea. And wine.

Amy - In my family cooking/baking is definitely a way to show love and appreciation. I bake a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for my Mom. I have also taken my Mom to Cranwell for a spa day and to The Clark for an outdoor picnic and walking the galleries.
Lately we've been buying things for others via non-profits because we all have everything we need- so this year I am giving my mom and mother in law a year of school for a girl. We also buy farm animals. And last Christmas we got my Mom a baby elephant to sponsor. Now she wants to go to Kenya to meet it, which I had not anticipated!

Sara - Always have a water bottle with you, I keep a refillable glass bottle at my desk at work and metal bottles in my car and purse. Sometimes just taking a moment to hydrate yourself can help you center and refocus. Indulge in a luxury item for yourself, whether it's that high-end mascara you've been eyeing, an incredible bottle of whisky, or the occasional Netflix binge session.

Brian - Usually I go for a jog in the morning and then get brunch with my mom. And be careful about getting your Mom lilies if she has cats, they are toxic for the kitties.

Sheri - My natural self care remedies are FIRE CIDER, Urban Moonshine's Joy Tonic, coconut oil for all things... tea tree oil and lavender oil for happy minds. To keep myself sane and happy I also like to paint after the kids are in bed and listen to Taylor Swift on vinyl with my husband because he's a good sport. For my parent's I enjoy preparing foods for them and force feeding my Mother Fire Cider. We also enjoy each others company and since I was born on Mother's Day I like to say my mother and I have a special bond... and by bond I mean that I totally stole the spotlight for all future Mother's days. You're welcome Mother.

Najwa - This Mothers Day I will not be heading to a spa for a facial, or sipping cocktails over brunch. This year I choose to sit in our breakfast nook with my child and make blueberry muffins. I will allow her the space and time to find the way she most enjoys interacting with the gooey process. I will take deep breaths and be sure to have enough eggs on hand in case one or two end up on the floor. Most importantly, I will let myself relax in the experience, knowing that while she may never feel the same way about food that I do, I have shared an important part of myself with her.

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