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Certified Organic - Where We Started, Where We're Staying, and Why It Matters!

Certified Organic - Where We Started, Where We're Staying, and Why It Matters!

We see the term Organic more now than ever before, and we think that’s movement in the right direction! Being mindful of the environmental implications of the choices we make, from what goes into our grocery cart at the local market, to sourcing the ingredients that go into our tonics, is a major part of who we are. Since the beginning, we have used only certified organic apple cider vinegar, honey, fruits, and vegetables in our tonics. And we know that it is important to choose organic wherever and whenever we can!

Here at Shire City Herbals, we also know that wearing the USDA ORGANIC certification stamp is the clearest way to let consumers know that we are dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of our neighbors and the earth. We work with Baystate Organic Certifiers for the USDA ORGANIC certification stamp you’ll see on every bottle of Fire Cider tonics.

From the very first moment, our founders Amy and Dana, set out to provide folks with flavorful, and exciting tonics, they were committed to using only organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients. They also learned that, as a small and growing business, they had a unique opportunity to support producers likewise committed to using only natural processes and materials in their farming systems. Sourcing produce from growers dedicated to sustainability helps those producers continue to make choices in the best interest of their local ecosystems, and shows a commitment to their survival and success.

The USDA defines organic agriculture as “the application of a set of cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that support the cycling of on-farm resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity. These include maintaining or enhancing soil and water quality; conserving wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife; and avoiding use of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, and genetic engineering.”

The benefits of organic agriculture are far-reaching and imperative to long-term sustainability. Because toxic chemicals are excluded from the equation, it means the non-renewable energy used to create those chemicals isn’t used up, and those chemicals don’t seep into our soil and water. And they don’t end up in and on our bodies.

So when you’re reaching for those products to use daily, especially those we all turn to to keep ourselves and our families feeling good, we think it’s better to leave out the spooky stuff - and that includes residues of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, and genetically modified anythings. Looking for the USDA ORGANIC certified label is the best way to ensure a brand cares for the people who grow our food, the health of the consumer, and the earth in which we all have our roots.

Want to learn more about the USDA ORGANIC certification process? Hop over here!

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, Organic, Certified Organic, Fire Cider

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, Organic, Certified Organic, Fire Cider

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, Organic, Certified Organic, Fire Cider

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