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French Fries Require Fire Cider

French Fries Require Fire Cider

August 19 is National Potato Day and National Hot & Spicy Food Day

This just seemed too good to pass up. Spicy potatoes are so up our alley that we've made them our roomies for ever. And while we already spend our Sunday brunches together, jammies-clad, cozied up with Fire Cider on our hash browns and homefries, we also love it on our fries all day long.

So, a quick stop to Blueberry Hill Market Cafe in New Lebanon, NY, later, and we have both an order of regular fries and sweet potato fries (who wants to choose just one?), ready for a generous glug of Fire Cider.

Malt vinegar is a pretty standard french fry pairing, so it isn't a stretch to imagine how great Fire Cider works... it's sweet, spicy, tart, and fried deliciousness.

We ate them all. No shame. It was really hard to decide whether the regular fries or sweet potato fries went better with the Fire Cider, so we had to continue for many rounds of tastings. Still undecided.

We encourage you to join us today in a toast to potatoes and hot & spicy food with fries covered with Fire Cider.

Pre-Fire Cider fries.

Post-drizzle. Turned out we weren't generous enough here and had to go another round after this photo.

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