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How to Use Fire Cider

How to Use Fire Cider

We're all doing our best to keep our health in check these days, and for us, that means being vigilant with our daily dose of Fire Cider! Whether you're new to the Fire Cider family, or you've been with us since the very beginning, you may be wondering how to take Fire Cider each day.

Lucky for you, we're experts on Fire Cider, and on the best ways to use it! We've got ways for those who can't get enough of the taste and want it as strong as it can be, and we've got some ideas for those who want to mask the taste, but still get the full benefits!

Shoot It!

For our Fire Cider Superfans, and those who love a good spicy kick, taking a straight shot will be your best bet! Our recommendation is a 1tbsp shot each day, but you are always welcome to increase the size of the shot or the frequency of shots (or both!).

Your shots can be chased with water, or any other drink you've got handy, or you could enjoy the burn as it lingers on your tongue.

Mix It!

For those who aren't quite as psyched about the spice, mixing it into another drink (water, juice, tea, cocktails) is another great way to get your Fire Cider in each day. Whether you pour a serving into your morning tea, or add it to your evening cocktail, mixing it is a great way to get your daily dose of Fire Cider.

 If you're looking for some recipe inspiration to get your drink on, head over to our blog for lots of delicious drink ideas (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!).

Add It!

We're always big fans of a good marinade or salad dressing, and Fire Cider provides lots of yummy ingredients and flavors that work perfectly for these things. If you're throwing together a salad or side dish, or looking to spice up your main entree, Fire Cider is the perfect finishing touch!

We've got recipes for things ranging from chicken and chili, to granola and salsa, so no matter the recipe you're looking for, you're sure to find a way to incorporate Fire Cider! Check out some of our recipe ideas, and remember, we give extra points for creativity!


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