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Life Hack: What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Life Hack: What to do with Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Wherein we tackle the age-old question: “How am I going to eat all of these Thanksgiving leftovers?”

The obvious answer is, of course, in a classic “gobbler” sandwich. That’s your turkey with all the fixins’ in between the bread of your choice. And while there nothing I like more than a gobbler with added sharp cheddar, red onion, and chipotle mayonnaise, one of them the week after Thanksgiving is plenty. So we're moving right along!

Turkey can go spicy. Sweet potatoes can go savory, and according to one cooking blog we came across, there are at least 20 different paths for leftover cranberry sauce. So here’s your chance to turn leftovers into something more exciting!

1. Give your turkey a kick by transforming it into a flavorful chili or soup, or making “pulled turkey” by shredding it, then adding your favorite barbecue sauce. Does your life need turkey tacos right now? Very possibly! Try some and find out!

2. Sweet potatoes do well with a southwestern treatment! My favorite use for lingering leftovers are southwestern sweet potato and black bean springrolls, and everyone loves them  - especially when dipped in a blend of soy sauce, sriracha, and Fire Cider. So tasty!

3. Invite your cranberry sauce to stay for breakfast and be amazed at how beautifully it tops everything: yogurt, granola, oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles!

4. Speaking of breakfast: make this stuffing hash topped with poached eggs for a serious level-up in your brunch game.

If you want to go for additional fun, you can always host a leftovers swap or potluck the day after Thanksgiving. My friend proposed this idea, pointing out that it neither eliminates nor compounds the problem of leftovers, but most certainly differentiates it. So while it doesn’t resolve the question “How am I going to eat all of this?” a swap means your leftovers will appear new and exciting to your friends. And don't they really deserve all the love they can get?  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, Cooking, Recipes, Fire Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, ACV

Thanksgiving, Cooking, Recipes, Fire Cider, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, ACV

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