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Looking Ahead to Spring

Looking Ahead to Spring

We are just a few short weeks away from the official beginning of Spring, but some days it can still feel far out of our reach. This time of year, we love to bring subtle hints of Spring into our lives to make warm weather and all that comes along with it feel a little more attainable.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the start of Spring is blooming flowers. You can check out your local florist to see what they've got blooming, or you could bring some supplies inside and trick your plants & flowers into blooming early with a warm temperature and plenty of water and sunlight.

Another simple thing that makes Spring feel imminent is a clean and organized home (or office, or car, or all of the above!). While we may not love the process, we can't argue with the healing power of a freshly cleaned space.

Lastly, and possibly our favorite, is putting away the bulky winter clothing. Shedding layers makes us feel almost brand-new, and it definitely signals easier and warmer months to come. Warm weather and sunshine tend to make us all feel a little happier and a bit more optimistic in general, so put away those bulky sweaters and pull out the lightweight tee's!


cheers, sunshine, mountain

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