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Meal Prep Healthy Recipes with Fire Cider!

Meal Prep Healthy Recipes with Fire Cider!

Between waking up and getting kids/pets/yourself ready for the day and getting out the door on time, it's not always easy to whip up a healthy breakfast or lunch! Keeping up with your goal to stay healthy this year means that meal-planning and prepping is key.

Prepping for breakfast usually means some sort of re-heated eggs, but something unique and delicious will have you excited to get going each morning! Try prepping a big batch of our Grain-Free Granola with a Kick - nothing like some habanero spice to wake you up in the morning!

For lunch, grab something to satisfy your taste buds and keep your belly full! Yummy Buffalo Chickpeas are great in salads, in soup, or just as a crunchy snack!

Or, if you're looking for something a little heartier, whip up some Kickin' Egg Salad for a mouth-watering sandwich. More flavorful than your typical egg salad, this sandwich will give you the energy you need to power through your afternoon.

If you're looking for more recipe inspiration, feel free to scroll through our recipe archives anytime!

Granola, Parfait, Yogurt and Granola


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