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Notes from HQ: Our Top 5 Activities for De-Stressing Around the Holidays

Notes from HQ: Our Top 5 Activities for De-Stressing Around the Holidays

The holidays can be a massive source of stress. Sure, deep down we know that it should be a time of peace, reflection, and comfort, but somehow many of us get knotted up with worry about things being just right. Maybe it’s the pressure to have our homes and holiday table looking just-so, or to provide for others in meaningful but largely material ways. When our focus is pulled towards what things should look like, it’s easy to lose sight of what they should feel like. And it’s hard to manifest those glow-y holiday emotions when you’re wound up and stressed out.

A recent conversation here at HQ got me thinking about what I could do to shed some of the pressure this year. Our crew is a pretty crafty bunch, so when I asked the Team what they do to de-stress during the holidays, I wasn’t surprised that knitting and crochet came in at #1! Baking was a close second, followed by a great tip about spiked eggnog and tacky Christmas audiobooks. (okay that one didn’t make the Top 5 but it’s worth mentioning!)

1. Pick up knitting or crochet, and unwind without unraveling.

2. Just add butter: try baking for your own enjoyment, or host a cookie swap with friends!

3. Clear your head and find your center with some yoga, hiking, or snowshoeing.

4. Express yourself through painting, playing music, or singing.

5. Grab your closest friends for a lighthearted evening of humor at a local trivia night, or comedy show!

While different methods work for different people, it’s pretty clear that engaging in creative pursuits that exercise your mind, body, and imagination goes a long way to keep stress at bay. So try what you think will work best for you, or try something new!

Fire Cider, In the Berkshires, Holidays, De-Stressing, Behind the Scenes

Fire Cider, In the Berkshires, De-Stressing, Behind the Scenes, Holidays

In the Berkshires, De-Stressing, Holidays, Fire Cider, Behind the Scenes

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