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Our new home is finally taking shape!

Our new home is finally taking shape!

It finally feels like fall, with the leaves and weather changing, and things are transitioning on a smaller level in our little world.

We’ve finally begun to move Fire Cider into our new home! Our office staff, Sales, and Marketing departments moved into our new space at the beginning of September. We painted some walls, repotted some plants, set up our desks, and our spacious new employee break room and kitchen–all while small construction projects were happening in the rest of the building.

We’ve had a team of masons cut new doorways and brick up old ones. There’s been plumbing and drain work done and new floors poured, but for the most part, the rest of the building has remained unfinished, cavernous and mostly quiet. Mostly.

Fire Cider is still made in small batches in a shared community kitchen almost 2 hours from our building, and our warehouse remains in our old location on the other side of town, but all of that began to change this week! Our new kitchen space is taking shape with the installation of walls. Equipment has begun to arrive, and the final round of contractor scheduling has been penciled in. We can now walk through the kitchen space where we’ll be making Fire Cider, our future honey warming room, where our bottling line will eventually live, and spaces for even more exciting ventures.

For now, those of us in the offices are excited about seeing tangible progress, the end of some of the noisiest construction, and the ever-nearing reality of having Team Fire Cider all under one roof.

We’re also really enjoying the magical blue light filtering through the tarp where the masons are installing the glass block windows.

Choosing paint colors inside the new home of Fire Cider in Pittsfield MAMaking the new Fire Cider offices feel like home with plants and fall decorationsThe employee kitchen at the new home of Fire Cider

Cutting through concrete to create new spaces at the home of Fire CiderNew cinderblock walls at the home of Fire CiderBricking up an old doorway at the new home of Fire Cider

The empty warehouse is a blank canvas at the new home of Fire CiderLooking through the doorway into what will be the new kitchen for Fire CiderKitchen sinks and tables waiting to be installed in the new home of Fire Cider

Construction leftovers at the new home of Fire CiderPipes in blue tarp light at the new home of Fire CiderHallway lit in blue light at the new home of Fire Cider

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