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Plant a Garden for Earth Day Greenery

Plant a Garden for Earth Day Greenery

This year for Earth Day, we're celebrating in a slightly different way. With all that's going on in today's world, we've been stuck inside for the safety of ourselves and others in our communities. But luckily, celebrating Earth Day doesn't require leaving your own kitchen or backyard.

If you're looking for some activity, and a way to celebrate and contribute to our environment, planting a garden is always a great way to get some greenery into your space, and into the outside world.

Here in New England, we're still getting pretty chilly temperatures, but that won't stop us from planting indoor gardens! Whether you love the look of flowers, succulents, or herbs, it's easy to get some growing right in your own kitchen!

If you aren't in New England and you're getting nice, Spring-like temperatures, head outside for some fresh air and larger space to work with. You can stick with the flowers and herbs, or you can even branch out to seasonal vegetables and create your own little produce section in your backyard. There's nothing better than grabbing fresh veggies off the vine and cooking them up for your family!

Whether your garden is inside or outside, and whether you're growing food or flowers, watching the fruits of your labor start to bloom over the coming weeks will have you feeling productive, and may even get your other creative energies rolling. Hello, summer projects!

 How are you celebrating Earth Day? Let us know in the comments!

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