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No. Six Depot Roastery & Cafe

Retailer Spotlight: No. Six Depot

There’s a lot riding on that first cup of coffee each morning, and the team at No. Six Depot Cafe and Roastery knows that better than anyone in Berkshire County.

At the crossroads of Western Massachusetts and New York State, in the center of West Stockbridge, the cafe, roastery, and gallery/event space are housed in what was once the oldest train station in Berkshire County. For many folks entering the region via Route 102, it’s their first stop. For those who call the Berkshires home, it’s the local spot for exceptional food and coffee, with a side of peace and quiet.

With a wide and welcoming space filled with soft, natural light, a mix of modern lines, vintage finishes, and warm terracotta tiles underfoot, the stage is set for a morning like none other. An open kitchen with gleaming subway tile is set behind the main cafe counter, while a classic-lever espresso machine releases creamy pulls of espresso into little cups. The clatter of ceramic saucers punctuates each order. A glass case displays rows of muffins, bocadito di chocolate, and tortillas - tender and flavorful bites inspired by co-owner Flavio Lichtenthal’s Argentinian roots.

With a love of coffee instilled in his youth in Buenos Aires, and a penchant for blending notes as a singer/songwriter in New York City, Flavio brings his passion for the playful nuances of flavor to sourcing and roasting coffee beans. Trips to Latin America, Asia, and Africa bring the finest coffees from sustainable and organic producers to be hand-roasted in small batches. This passion plays in concert with that of Lisa Landry, No. Six Depot’s co-owner, tea importer, and manager of No. Six Depot Gallery which sits alongside the cafe. Lisa’s experiences in Italy, India, and Turkey inspire her affection for fine tea and coffee, as well as her vision for creating spaces where guests can together share an appreciation for a cup, a canvas, and a conversation.

The No. Six Depot gallery hosts a wide range of events, from poetry-slams and plays, to lectures and dance parties. Provides a space for young, often underrepresented, artists to show their work in the visual and performing arts, their annual 30 Under 30 Festival currently showcases the talents of 30 artists under the age of 30 living in, and around, Berkshire County.
It is a space to be seen and celebrated, with every corner providing a sense of pleasure and discovery.

As you walk through the No. Six Depot store, connecting the Gallery to the Cafe area, that sense of pleasure and discovery can be found beautifully packaged and ready to take home, in a lovely assortment of local and specially imported goods. The long wall is lined with shelves holding sea salts, vinegar, oils, honey, maple syrup, caramel, granola, cookies, chocolates, cookbooks, and more - a celebration of all that is local around them.

Whatever day you’re having, a visit to No. Six Depot is one that forces you to slow down, to savor every sip. It is also a place where the question “Can I still get breakfast? “ will be met with a cheerful “Everything, all day!”, making it an ideal lunchtime office escape, a refuge where one can gaze into fluffy clouds of queso fresco atop a warm breakfast burrito any time. Through the speakers, the music of singer-songwriters accompanied by acoustic guitar provides a perfect soundtrack for working at a laptop or enjoying an intimate conversation with a friend. As he helps a guest at the counter, Flavio’s lilting voice can be heard offering a choice of house-roasted espresso blends. “No joking with our coffee - this is serious stuff!” he proclaims. “It can decide how your whole day goes.”

No. Six Depot, the Fire Cider Retailer SPotlight for June 2019

Peruse the menu options, and pick up a bottle of Fire Cider while you wait for your coffee at No. Six Depot.

The large event space at No. Six Depot

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