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Retailer Spotlight: Queen City Oils and Vinegars

Retailer Spotlight: Queen City Oils and Vinegars

Health & wellness is at the forefront of our minds lately, and supporting small businesses is always something that we encourage! One of our newer retail partners, Queen City Oils and Vinegars, is a small family business owned and operated in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Although the wheels have been churning for this business for years, Queen City Oils and Vinegars officially launched in August 2019. They proudly offer the freshest of oils and vinegars, and their mission is overall health from the inside out. Each product offered follows a strict process, and they are all plant-based, vegan, and allergen free.

The business sees seasoned customers who have traveled the world and tasted the best oils and vinegars available, and they also see a younger generation of folks choosing to seek out small-batch businesses that advocate for wholeness and quality.

One of the main reasons that we love small businesses so much is the personal touches that they provide their customers. Every single order that is purchased from Queen City Oils and Vinegars never leaves their warehouse without a personally handwritten note from the owners. That's dedication!

In addition to the delicious and fresh oils and vinegars, Queen City Oils and Vinegars carries stunning organic infused pasta, which are safely colored with vegetables and bring nothing but the best to your table.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!

Images courtesy of Queen City Oils and Vinegars

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