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Jade and Hoot from Wholesome To Go in Weatherford Texas on the Fire Cider Blog

Retailer Spotlight: Wholesome To Go

Wholesome To Go is one of our newest retailers and we're so excited to share their story with you! With a passion for bringing healthy foods to folks on the go, Jade and Hoot are living their best life and are ready to share their love of great food and health with their community.

Wholesome To Go is a fast food restaurant that is fully staffed with nutritionists to help customers pick the best food choices for any diet or restrictions. The goal is to bring education and an awareness of what you eat and why healthy clean eating is important. Customers rave over the meal plans and detox packages, and the staff!

Hoot & Jade Barbee have been business owners in the community for 10 years but Wholesome To Go will be 2 years old this Thanksgiving! Their customers come from every walk of life. From busy moms and working dads who need healthy alternatives for meals on the go to everyday folks looking to make a healthy shift in their daily eating habits. Meal plans, grocery lists, and educational materials are available to all their customers. Caring and support are offered to their whole community; those overcoming addiction and cancer, and they even offer a "community care package" for the spouse or friend of someone sick at no charge.

Hoot has a gift for food, and Jade is a nutritionist with a unique gift for health and healing.  Jade says, "Together we have a hot passion to change the laws and standards for our food industry. We are paving a way to reach local and state lawmakers and we hope to see in our lifetime a drastic decrease to illness and disease especially in the south. We have five children and all of them have played an important role in the development of Wholesome To Go and all have worked hard hours in the kitchen. We continue to grow and absolutely LOVE what we do."

We love what you do too, Jade! And we 're happy to be a small part of bringing whole food and healthy living to Weatherford, Texas.

Wholesome To Go in Weatherford TX - the Fire Cider Retailer Spotlight for August 2019

Jade and Hoot at Wholesome To Go - a Fire Cider retailer.

Jade and Hoot from Wholesome To Go in Weatherford TX

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