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Shopping Small for Small Business Saturday!

Shopping Small for Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner on November 24, and to get you in the spirit of shopping small, we’re here with some tips on finding awesome gifts for your favorite folks!

Shopping small can mean heading out into your own neighborhood and supporting the brick-and-mortar businesses local to you, but it also means much more!

Discover how to bring the local to you!

Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to find really special, hand-crafted food, drink, and wearable gifts. Many small producers, even if they’re a distance from you, are local-focused in both their mission, and their operation, within their own communities. So if you’re coming up short in your goal to find good independent sources for holiday gifts locally, don’t worry! Seeking out crafters who prioritize everything local around them is a great way to uphold the spirit of Small Business Saturday!

Check out the websites of small producers that have caught your attention over the year - you’ll find that many of them will ship your selections to you, or directly to the friend or family member you’re shopping for. And don’t be shy to explore any and all makers you think of! While reminiscing about an especially tasty cheese she’d enjoyed, a friend recently went online and discovered that her favorite cheese producer two-states-over had an online store. She was able to order wheels and wedges of their signature creations for delivery right to her doorstep!

Shopping for a superfan?

Maybe you have a friend or family member who is always going on about a particular independent producer, but shipping a wedge of cheese or a pint of brew just isn't possible. Check to see if the company has fun merch to gift! One of our favorite local dairy farms has posters, hats, and t-shirts to ensure devout cheese-heads can wear their tobasi, even if they’re not equipped to stuff a wedge in their mailbox.

Find gifts in unexpected places!

The market where you do your weekly grocery shopping might offer handmade home accessories in their floral or kitchen-wares department. A lovely hand-printed tea towel or carved spoon or bowl might be closer than you realize! Our local coffee shop not only has their own branded merch, but also the paintings and jewelry of local artists available for sale. These gifts might also come with a great story if you happened to meet the artist behind the handiwork!

This Small Business Saturday, think outside the box, and remember that shopping small can mean so much more than you might have imagined!

Small Business Saturday, Holiday Shopping, Fire Cider

Unique holiday gifts are sometimes right around the corner at your favorite local market!

Small Business Saturday, Holiday Shopping, Fire CIder

Small Business Saturday, Holiday Shopping, Fire Cider

Your favorite coffee shop might be an unexpected place to find those unique holiday gifts - from handmade jewelry and original artwork to fun branded merch!

Small Business Saturday, Holiday Shopping, Fire Cider

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