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Simple Ways to Eat Clean & Healthy

Simple Ways to Eat Clean & Healthy

In the spirit of keeping up with our New Years' resolutions, we're all trying to be a bit healthier and pay more attention to what we're putting into our bodies. 

Processed foods can take a toll on our bodies with all of the sugar and sodium, and they can mess with our body's natural metabolic processes. Eating clean, whole foods with ingredients we can actually pronounce and sources we can trace back to is a goal that we're always working towards.

It's not always easy to pass up the sweets or the potato chips, but making small changes toward a healthier lifestyle isn't as hard as it may seem.

Substitute Your Snacks. Mindlessly munching from a bag of chips while you binge your favorite TV show at night feels very satisfying, but you'll be left feeling sluggish and maybe even a little bloated from all that salt intake. Instead, grab a carton of blueberries or slice up an apple so you can still get the feeling of snacking endlessly, but you're giving your body something useful.

Side Dishes are Key.  Sure, whipping up some pasta or garlic bread to go on the side of a piece of chicken is easy and sounds delicious. But grabbing a head of broccoli or a bunch of spinach and sauteeing or steaming that is just as easy and quick! Plus, your body will thank you for the nutritious greens and lack of density.

Keep Fruit Accessible. We're always looking for something quick to grab to satisfy our hunger when we're on-the-go (aren't we always?). If you've got a big bowl of fresh fruit waiting for you, you're much more likely to grab an orange or a banana than if you had to scrounge for a healthy choice.


Making healthy choices can feel overwhelming, and it can seem more difficult than grabbing the salty or sweet snack you're used to. But it doesn't take long to create new habits, and your body will be feeling more properly fueled and you'll have a renewed sense of energy!


What's your best tip for making healthier choices?

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