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Staying Healthy (All Year 'Round!)

Staying Healthy (All Year 'Round!)

Cold & Flu season always takes a toll on us, whether it's because we've gotten sick or because we've been so vigilant in avoiding germs. With all sorts of yuck going around right now, and germs being ever-present in our world, we have to stay on top of our efforts to stay healthy, no matter the season.

Fear not - we're here with some friendly reminders on how to stay healthy when everyone around you is coughing!

1 - Limit your exposure to germs.

  • First and foremost, especially with what the world is dealing with right now (Coronavirus, we see you), our best bet is to limit our exposure to germs as much as possible.
    • While certain outings are mostly unavoidable, like grabbing some grocery essentials, keeping yourself outside or at home is the best current option.
    • If you do need to go out, make sure to stock a bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your car or purse, and use it often.
    • Don't use store-provided shopping carts or baskets if you can help it - they don't get cleaned nearly as often as they should. Instead, bring your own reusable bags and put your items in those until you get to the checkout line. If you can't get around using a cart, Berkshires-owned business Zogics has some great wipes and sanitizers to help keep your hands as clean as possible.
    • Wash your hands often and thoroughly, and please do not touch your face! Even if you aren't going on outings, it's still good practice to keep your hands clean and try to avoid touching your face.

2 - Practice good self-care.

  • Even if you already have an established wellness routine, adding a few things in can only strengthen your body's ability to fight off the yuck.
      • Continue with (or start!) your daily shot of Fire Cider.
      • Work in a mug of bone broth each day. Not only will this boost your overall wellness, but it's got lots of great benefits from the collagen and all-natural protein. We love Bonafide bone broths!
      • Boost your immunity, energy, and and bone health with Vital Proteins' array of products, including powders, shots, and capsules for all of your health concerns and needs.

    3 - Stay Hydrated!

    • Never underestimate the power of a glass of water. 
      • Keeping your body properly hydrated will help pretty much every bodily system to function at its best, so drink up!

      While it's easy to get stressed about everything going around, it's important to go back to basics and try your best to keep your own germs to yourself and minimize your exposure to the germs of everyone else. And remember, warmer and longer days are looming just ahead!

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      • I add two drops of Oreganol to my daily shot


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