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Sweeten Honey-Free Fire Cider Without Honey

Sweeten Honey-Free Fire Cider Without Honey

Our Honey-Free Fire Cider is one of our three delicious flavors. The Honey-Free flavor still features all of the same great, beneficial ingredients, but we bottle it before any honey is added. This is great for anyone looking to minimize sugar, someone following a vegan diet, or anyone who loves Fire Cider but wants the flavor without the sweetness.

If you're opting for the Honey-Free version because you don't consume honey (whether you're vegan or have another reason), you can still sweeten up your Fire Cider without compromising! Plus, this creates a whole new flavor of Fire Cider that you can customize exactly to your liking.

We're talking about fresh maple syrup! Mid-April is peak time for fresh maple syrup, when evening temperatures stay above freezing. Head to your local farm stand or market and grab a bottle, and add it to your Honey-Free Fire Cider.

We recommend starting with adding it slowly, by about 1% by volume at a time. Add the syrup into your bottle and give it a good shake, and then test it out and keep adding until you're satisfied with the taste.

Maple syrup will give your Fire Cider sweetness while still being vegan. If you prefer Wildflower Honey or African Bronze Fire Cider, you can still give this a try to change up the flavor! 



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  • I buy this product because I’m a low carber. Madhava’s Organic Agave Five works wonderfully as a natural sweetener.


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