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The Scorched Earth

The Scorched Earth

Here's our signature Fire Cider Cocktail, simple and refreshingly good!.


1 ounce Fire Cider

2 ounce Citron Vodka


1. Shake with ice and serve in a rocks glass with fresh ice or strain into a chilled martini glass. Can also be made as a shooter.

2. Garnish with lemon peel or lemon wedge.

Scorched Earth, simple and refreshingly good!

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  • I made this today and it was good. I also have the non-honey version but it still was good (but I’m a fan of horseradish). It still has plenty of kick. I like that there isn’t really any sweetness (I just don’t prefer super sweet drinks). So this was great and a little dangerous b/c the Fire Cider definitely covers up any trace of the vodka!

    Darcy Snyder
  • Tried one this evening, I buy the honey free version, so I think that influences things, regardless, it was pretty good. Of course, I love vinegar and I love Vodka, so….

    Brian Robinson

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