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Jul 8, 2019

Our friends at Hosta Hill

The life maps that we draw for ourselves are often spare, and lacking details in the early years, and yet we tend ...

Jul 1, 2019

Spicy Mango Margarita

This Spicy Mango Margarita has a perfect balance of sweet & heat from Fire Cider African Bronze and a cayenne salt rim.

Jun 18, 2019

Retailer Spotlight: No. Six Depot

No. Six Depot Cafe and Roastery, housed in what was once the oldest train station in Berkshire County is the local spot for exceptional food and coffee, with a side of peace and quiet.

Jun 14, 2019

Green Onion Martini

With a Green Onion Martini the crisp tang of green onions puts a new spin on the classic drink. 

Jun 13, 2019

Ingredient of the Month: Onions

Not only were they once used as currency and worshipped by the ancient Egyptians but they have a history with human going back over 7,000 years. Learn more about Onions - one of the 10 Core Ingredients in Fire Cider!

May 29, 2019

Orange Glazed Veggies

The complex tang of Fire Cider and the bright sweetness of fresh orange juice reduce down for a delicious glaze that elevates simple root veggies to a fantastic side dish!

May 17, 2019

Fire Cider 1-day Spring Cleanse

Join the #fireciderfamily for our 1-day Spring Cleanse. Get ready with our shopping list, recipe and preparation tips!

May 14, 2019

Ingredient of the Month: Oranges

The humble orange is one of the most famous and may be one of the most healthy fruits in the world. Find out why this sweet citrus is part of the Fire Cider recipe.

May 9, 2019

Fire Cider Citrus Spritzer

Fire Cider original brings extra layers of flavor to a citrusy shrub that's perfect for summer spritzers or non-boozy sodas!

May 7, 2019

Super Shot Q&A!

The latest addition to the Fire Cider family has arrived! Super Shots are here to make travel with your favorite tonic the easiest it's ever been. Learn more about our little 1 oz beauties and how folks at Fire Cider HQ are using them.

May 3, 2019

Citrus Salad with Fire Cider Vinaigrette

Brighten any grey day with a bright citrus salad featuring our tangy, fresh Fire Cider vinaigrette!

Apr 19, 2019

Black Garlic Mojito

Our celebration of garlic continues with the Black Garlic Mojito, a surprising blend of dark, earthy flavors lifted by bright citrus and a splash of Fire Cider Honey-Free.
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