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Honey-Free Fire Cider

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At Shire City Herbals, we believe that everyone's wellness journey is personal. We are just as obsessive about our ingredients as you are about what you put into your body. And we're proud to support our vegan community with our Honey-Free Fire Cider recipe.

Enjoy the same vitamin-rich, antioxidant boost of Superfoods with an even spicier kick! Our same signature blend of organic, whole, raw apple cider vinegar; oranges; lemons; ginger; horseradish; garlic; turmeric; habaneros; and black peppers, hold the honey, will knock your socks off and leave you feeling energized! Learn more about our raw, whole, organic ingredients and their benefits. 

Fire Cider Honey-Free is Vegan Ⓥ.

Fire Cider has a 24-month shelf-life and can be stored at room temperature without losing any of its kick. Pick up a bottle—or a few—and raise a shot to feeling your best!
The perfect addition to your everyday wellness routine

Take a shot, or two every morning or whenever you need a pick me up!

Mix it with water, juice or tea

Add to recipes, salad dressing, and marinades

Honey-Free Fire Cider
Sustainable sourcing practices, certified organic products


All of our ingredients are USDA-Certified Organic. Our sustainably sourced ingredients are the highest quality, safest, and most nutritious available.

Family owned small business


We are a small, family-owned and operated business. We started in 2010 in Pittsfield, MA in the heart of the Berkshires.

Whole, Raw Ingredients


We only use the most potent whole, raw, organic ingredients - never diluted with water, fillers, or unnecessary flavorings.

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