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Oranges originated in China and arrived with traders to the Mediterranean around the year 1500. They have become the most cultivated fruit tree in the world! The oranges we know and love today are the result of cross-breeding a pomelo and a mandarin, and they make up about 70% of the citrus grown worldwide. The entire fruit (peel, pith and juice!) is used in our recipe for maximum benefit. It adds a bright, unexpected sweetness.

  • Pith and peel are full of phytonutrients
  • Loaded with over 60 flavonoids


Introduced to Italy 2,000 years ago from its origin in northeast India, the lemon may be the most unlikely of popular fruits. It’s sour and bitter, and is not a fruit often enjoyed on its own, but it brings so much flavor to a culinary party. The lemon is another whole fruit in our recipe. From the oil in the zest to the tangeretin in the peel, every part is here for the benefit it brings to the flavor party. That zing ain’t just from the vinegar!

  • High in vitamin C, which is necessary to produce collagen
  • Vitamin C maximizes the body's ability to absorb iron
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