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The "Mother"

Apple Cider Vinegar

Our star ingredient finally gets all the attention it deserves. The same raw ACV keeping your gut healthy and happy, now in its purest form…and, as always raw, organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered and chock full of probiotics!

A Living Legacy

Ancient apples were often too small or bitter to eat raw, but people soon discovered when pressed, their juices could be fermented and transformed into an elixir that helped maintain a healthy life.

Our ACV is made utilizing the same basic fermentation processes used for centuries. Organic apples are pressed, yeast and bacteria are added, and the first fermentation process begins where the sugars are converted to alcohol.

In the second fermentation process acetic acid-forming bacteria is introduced, converting the alcohol into vinegar, and the bountiful health benefits develop during this transformation. The result is a potent, pure vinegar with natural probiotics and a clean, invigorating flavor.

Finding innovative ways to incorporate our ACV into your routine is only bound by your imagination.

ACV, VIP (Very Important Probiotics)

Shire City Herbals’ story began with our passion for Apple Cider Vinegar and its boundless benefits. We focus on preserving the natural, health-boosting, probiotic-rich Mother - a living colony comprised of strands of proteins, beneficial enzymes, and friendly bacteria. Never heat-treated or filtered, our products celebrate the beauty of keeping it simple.

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