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The Sweet Stuff

Raw Honey

With powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties, our raw honey is organic, Fair Trade-certified and collected in regions using ancient, sustainable practices that help to support the local farmers and their communities.

Our Wildflower Honey Fire Cider and Elderberry Tonic use a multi-floral honey from the Calakmul rainforests of the Yucatan in Mexico. The bees get to live their lives in and amongst ancient Mayan ruins protected from logging and deforestation threats.

Our African Bronze Honey Fire Cider uses a multi-floral honey from the West Lunga Forest of Zambia, an African miombo woodland forest preserve at the headwaters of the mighty Zambezi River.

  • Rich in beneficial nutrients
  • Contains enzymes that aid digestion
  • * Our Honey-Free Fire Cider ACV tonic does not contain this ingredient
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